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Von Del Chamberlain

An Introduction to Von Del's "Looking Around" Articles
A Sunrise Calendar at Anasazi State Park
A Cosmic Laboratory in Blanding Utah
Seasonal Markers
Groundhog Crossquarter Day: Groundhogs, Shadows amp; Growing Light
Vernal Equinox: Equinox Means Balanced Light, Not Balanced Eggs
May Day Crossquarter Day Announces the Onset of Summer
Summer Solstice: Solstices are Milestones of Civilization
Lammas Crossquarter Day: Shortening Days and Changing Weather Ushers in the Harvest
Autumnal Equinox: Cruising Along the Equinox
Halloween Crossquarter Day: The Origin of Halloween Comes Out of the Sky
Winter Solstice: A Celebration of Light
Watch the Sun to Keep Track of the Seasons.
Native American Skylore
Bobcat: An Astronomer's "Favorite" Constellation
Scorpius: Tracking Rabbits in the Sky - Navajo Star Patterns
Scorpius: The Duck Stars
Dilyehe': The Pleiades are Back
Corona Borealis: A "Council of Chiefs" in Our Sky
The Great Bear: Algonquin Song of the Stars
Old American Stars Would Look Fine on the American Flag
Laws for Living Written Among the Stars: A Navajo Tradition
Astronomical Constellations
The Constellation Aquarius: Ruler of the Celestial Sea
The Constellation Aries: Like Argonauts of Old You Can Find a Golden Fleece Among the Stars
The Constellation Bootes: Arcturus Shepherds the Great Bear Around the Pole
The Constellation Cancer The Crab: Forecaster of Ancient Weather and Modern Light Pollution
The Constellations Canis Major and Canis Minor: A Pair of Dogs Romp Across Our Starry Sky
The Constellation Capricornus: A Creature of the Celestial Sea
The Constellation Draco: A Dreadful Dragon Lurking in Our Northern Sky
The Constellation Gemini: Symbol of Brotherly Love
The Constellation Hercules: Greatest Hero in the Sky
The Constellation Leo: The Lion in The Sky Signals Spring in Northern Climes
The Constellation Libra: Symbolizes Justice
The Constellation Pegasus: Great Baseball Diamond in the Sky
The Constellation Perseus: Hero For Old World Greeks Was a Snake For New World Maya
The Constellation Pisces: Fishes in a Celestial Sea
The Constellation Sagittarius Points the Way Toward the Core of the Milky Way
The Constellation Scorpius: The Scorpion
The Constellation Orion: Your Personal Guide to the Stars
The Constellation Taurus: Bulls, Bears, Even Cars are Seen in Taurus
The Constellation Virgo: Symbolizes Virtue, Innocence and Prosperity
Beasts that Lurk Along the Zodiac
Comets and Meteors
"Hyakutake" A Comet is Blessing and Threat in One Ball of Light
Hale-Bopp: A Comet is Growing in Our Sky
Good Bye Hale-Bopp: You Lived Up To Comet Expectations.
Fireballs Flashing In Our Sky
Is That Unusual Rock A Meteorite?
Leonids Meteor Shower 1998 - 16 November 1998
Age of the Universe?
Look at Andromeda to See a Great Galaxy
Bright Capella: A Lesson in Learning About the Universe
Our Home Without a Center
Cosmic Order Rooted in the Heavens
New Star Appears in Taurus: The Crab Nebula
Telescopes Harvest Fossil Light to Reveal the Universe Being Born
Give Heed to Father Sky on Father's Day
The Milky Way Reveals the Stellar Community We Live In
Our Path Through the Cosmos
SETI: Beware of Aliens on Halloween
The Lunar Eclipse of September 1996
The Night Sky
Utah's Centennial Stars, January 1997
The North Star: The Chief Star
Stars of the Sky 150 Years Ago - June 1847
Utah Sesquicentennial Stars of 1847
Summer Triangle Guides Imagination Along the Milky Way
Alien: Appreciating Our World
Ancient Planets in Our Modern Sky
Jupiter: King of Planets
Jupiter and Venus in February 1999: King and Queen of the Sky
Late February and Early March 1999 Provides Opportunity for Viewing Mercury
1999: A Year for Basking in Moonlight
A Mother's Day Tribute to Mother Earth
Time to Watch Planets Parade Across the Night
Oh Christmas Star, How I Wonder What You Are.
Stars of Christmas Light Our Lives
Want An Extra Day Each Year?
Festivals of Light Usher in the New Year
Orientation: Finding Our Sense of Direction
Planetarium: Our Cosmic Virtual Reality Machine
Little Mountain Pioneer Astronomical Monument
The Inspiration of Sunrise Can Ignite Our Lives Each Day
Sunset Yields Knowledge That Can Only Come in Darkness
Ability, Not Superstition, Wins the Game
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